Small Adventures

When I was little, I used to play outside in the creek in front of my house. I would make little boats and sail them down the creek and catch crawdads and keep them in a kiddie tub. My outdoor adventures also took me across the road and into the woods where my Mammaw helped me create what we called the Enchanted Trail. I would spend hours exploring the woods and using my imagination to create all sorts of adventures.

The Small Adventures of Popeye and Elvis by Barbara O’Connor brought all of those memories of the fun I had outdoors back into my mind. Popeye is a child, just like I was, who has to entertain himself. As fate would have it, a rambunctious boy named Elvis and his family get their motor home stuck in the mud, and Elvis and Popeye soon become great friends. When they discover a little boat sailing down the creek made out of Yoo Hoo boxes, a mystery begins to unfold. The Yoo Hoo boat leads them into a series of small adventures to discover where the boat came from and who made it.

This book is filled with great southern characters, which always brings a smile to my face. I also enjoyed how the book introduces lots of interesting vocabulary words. In fact, the word is defined right in the story and then it’s immediately used in a sentence. What a great way to learn some new words!

If you enjoy stories about rambunctious kids, stories about the south, stories about outdoor adventures, stories about creating your own fun, or stories with a small mystery to solve, then this just may be the book for you. I hope you’ll join Popeye and Elvis and take a small adventure with them today.

Reviewed by Mr. Plemmons

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