Carmen Deedy

What a phenomenal day with author and storyteller Carmen Agra Deedy!  Carmen shared stories with students in Second & Third Grade, Kindergarten and First Grade, and Fourth and Fifth Grade.

As I watched the students during her performances, I was in awe at how our Barrow students came together as one student body and helped to tell the stories that Carmen was sharing.  She had them clapping, making sound effects, and definitely laughing the 45 minutes away.

What was even more fun for me was when I heard teachers talking about how much their students enjoyed the programs.  Students went back to their classrooms and wrote down the stories Carmen told so they wouldn’t forget.  They wrote down books that she mentioned so she could find them later.  They begged their teachers to let them practice telling stories.  In fact, teachers said that the students just couldn’t stop talking about how much they loved Carmen’s visit.

Teachers and students have stopped me in the hallways all afternoon thanking me for this visit.  Author visits take a lot of planning, but when you see the joy and excitement for reading, writing, and storytelling that come out of successful visits, it makes all of the hours of planning well worth it.

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