Autobiographical Poetry: A 5th grade collaborative art project

The art teacher, Mrs. Foretich, and I love to collaborate with one another.  Recently, we wrapped up a collaborative unit focused on digital photography, using technology to transform a photograph, and autobiographical poetry.

Students spent 2 days rotating through a center taught by Mrs. Foretich taking digital pictures of themselves and using to edit their photos and center taught by me about the many elements of poetry including personification, similes, strong verbs, and repetition.  Then students spent 2 sessions in a writing workshop using their photograph to write an autobiographical poem that included some of the poetry elements learned in my center.  Students typed their poems in word and printed them.

Mrs. Foretich had all of the student images printed at Snapfish, and she mounted these pictures on matting board.  Now, an amazing display sits atop the shelves of the media center.  Today was the debut, and students and teachers have been reading the poems all day.  If you can’t stop by the media center during poetry month, take a moment to view the pictures of the display and watch a video tour given by two students, Maggie and Delia.

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2 thoughts on “Autobiographical Poetry: A 5th grade collaborative art project

  1. Kristy Mayfield says:

    LOVE these!

    • plemmonsa says:

      They were so much fun to work on and we’ve had a lot of positive feedback from students and adults who have read them.

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