Skyping with Anne Marie Pace

IMG_0350Back on March 6th, we celebrated World Read Aloud Day with Skype sessions with authors and schools around the country.  On that very same day, a major winter storm was making its way across the country creating chaos, power outages, and librarians frantically rescheduling connections.  Anne Marie Pace was scheduled to Skype with Ms. Wright’s and Ms. Yawn’s 2nd grade classes.  We had read Vamperina Ballerina and written several questions to ask her about writing and the book.  However, the snowstorm knocked out Anne Marie’s power.  Fortunately, we were able to find a time to reconnect and the students were so excited to finally meet her on Skype today.IMG_0361

IMG_0351We did a brief “hello” and then Anne Marie read us Never Ever Talk to Strangers.  She had the book on a presentation so that the kids could easily see the pages as she read.  After that, the students begged to hear Vamperina again.  Because our schedule wasn’t so rushed today, we had time, and Anne Marie graciously gave the kids a 2nd reading of Vamperina Ballerina.

We printed all of the students’ questions from a Google Doc so that they were prepared to quickly ask their questions.  Here’s a look at our questions:IMG_0358

  • Natalie:  Who is your publisher?

  • George:  Why did you make Vamperina Ballerina?

  • Tykeria:  Why did she turn into a bat in the story?

  • Lucy:  Is it a long process to make a book or does it depend on the book?

  • Nikolas:  Do you only write picture books?

  • Olonix:  Do vampires change into anything else?

  • Grace:  How did you come up with the details?

  • Myles:  Why did you put the vampire into the spotlight?

  • Sam B:  What are your other books?

  • Sam G:  Why did you put a vampire in a ballerina class?

  • Miles:  Do you make chapter books or comic books?

  • Mr. Plemmons:  Do you feel like the illustrator drew what you were thinking when you wrote your words?

  • Ms. Wright:  Did you have to write multiple drafts of the book?

  • Harper:  How do you know so much about vampires?

  • Danny:  Do you ever have writer’s block?

  • Repp:  Have you ever messed up on a published piece?

  • Eddie:  Do you have more books than 3?

  • Jeremiah:  Why do you like books so much?

  • Diana:  Who inspired you to write books?

  • Ty’Najia:  How long does it take to make a book?

  • Tom:  How did you come up with these book ideas?

  • Xander:  If you do have chapter books, how many do you have?

  • Mrs. Yawn:  How young were you when you first started writing?

IMG_0359This year we have been so fortunate to make so many connections through Skype.  I can’t wait to incorporate it even more next year.  The students left this session energized about reading and writing.  I just know this will translate into what they do in the classroom.  Thank you, Anne Marie Pace, for making our day so special!  We can’t wait to read the Vamperina sequel!

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