The Thirteenth Summer Book Tour

On Saturday, two of our Barrow students, Delia & Karla, became a part of a unique experience from local author, Elizabeth Laing Thompson.  Both students were selected to be a part of Thompson’s book tour for her new book, The Thirteenth Summer.  The tour kicked off at Dog Ear Books, an independent book store in Athens, GA.  Thirteen local girls became a part of fifty girls nationwide to receive a copy of the book.  Their task is to read the book in the next 7 days, take a photograph of themselves and the book, add their name/location on the inside cover, and send the book to someone else who will go through the same process.  The girls can also participate in a photo contest if they choose.  This is an exciting way for Thompson to spread her book across the US while promoting reading to teen and pre-teen girls.  We were glad that some of our own Barrow students could be a part of this process.  Congratulations Delia & Karla.

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