Student Book Budgets 2012-2013 (Part 2)

The lists are done and the orders are placed!  Twenty-seven 3rd-5th graders have worked very hard during their lunch time for the past week to create lists of books that are grounded in the results of their school-wide reading interest survey data.  Rather than type everything out here, I’ve made a screencast that shows you the survey, the data, the focus categories, and the final lists.  I invite you to listen:

I’m very proud of these students.  Although, doing this during lunch across multiple times and groups of students was literally and figuratively very messy, I liked the overall results.  As always, some amazing moments happened along the way like:

  •  A student standing up and telling the whole group not to think of themselves.  That they needed to keep in mind all of the students of the school.
  • A male student taking a stand for princess books being on the list because he personally heard from multiple students who desperately wanted more of those books in the library.
  • A group of 3 fifth graders debating whether or not to cut a graphic novel off of the list because it cost $26.00.  They talked for 15 minutes just about that one book.  They read reviews, considered popularity, examined quality, and checked circulation statistics for other books in that series.  (They decided to keep it on the list!)
  • Several students repeatedly went into Destiny to search for how many books we had in particular categories, which books were lost in a particular series, and how many copies we had of certain books like Wimpy Kid.

I’m thankful for Capstone Rewards, too, because I helped out some of our tough decisions by using $500 of free book credit to bump up our budget from $1200 to $1700.  Even with that bump, some very tough decisions were made to cut books that would have been equally as popular.  I look forward to seeing what this group comes up with to market these books to the school and how fast they get checked out!

6 thoughts on “Student Book Budgets 2012-2013 (Part 2)

  1. Amy Cox says:

    Andy, Congrats for keeping this great project going. So impressive what students can accomplish when presented with a challenge. Two questions for you:

    1) How many kids participated in the committee? We have some new tradeshow bags coming in that feature superheroes and if it is OK with you, when the bags arrive, we’d like to send some to you to use a a thank you gift for your committee.

    2) Feel free to say no, but would you be willing to share the data from your student interest survey? I know our product development team would find it very interesting as they think about future publishing plans.

    Congratulations again on such a cool project.


    • plemmonsa says:


      I’ll send you an email too, but we had 27 kids participate this time. They would love to have a bag! Thank you so much for thinking of them.

      Did you get enough data from the post that you saw? If not, I would be glad to export the data to an excel sheet to send to you or do some screen captures of the google summaries.

  2. Amy Cox says:

    Ooops. Sorry. Just found the survey results on a previous posts. Amy

  3. Hi Andy – We love this project! Just wanted to let you know that we posted this on our blog Capstone Connect today at

    -Jennifer @ Capstone

    • plemmonsa says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this project. It means so much to me to let kids have a voice and I appreciate your continued support of this project.

  4. […] lots of surveying and ordering, the books that 27 third-fifth graders ordered for the library are finally here.  Today the […]

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